Site visit for IFMA members to the Ericsson Critical Site Data Centre at Rosersberg

Site visit for IFMA members to the Ericsson Critical Site Data Centre at Rosersberg

IFMA members are invited to the Ericsson Critical Site Data Centre at Rosersberg for an information sharing session.
The visit and breakfast will be hosted by CBRE who manage the site on behalf of Ericsson. Paul Jones (Critical Site Technician), Luke Evans (Critical Site Technician) and Artur Magakelov (Critical Site Technician) all from CBRE will be speaking and conducting tours of the facility. They will do a presentation of the site, its history and development, stage 1, stage 2, present situation and future growth

site2This site is part of Ericssons SEK 7 billion invest to build 3 ICT Centres. Rosersberg was the first and has been operational for approximately 2 years. There is also one in Linkoping Sweden and Montreal Cananda.

The three ICT Centers combined occupy space of 120,000 square meters, approximately the size of 14 football fields. The new centers will house the company’s complete portfolio, enabling the R&D organization to develop and verify solutions, creating the foundation for the next generation technology and cloud-based services.

Rosersberg has just finished the fitout of stage 2 which adds another 25% of data halls to the existing 50% (of the planned 100%).site3

State of the art BMS, PMS and EMS systems control the site, technologies such as free cooling and rain water catchment are used, and the site can generate its own power supply 24/7 365 days a year if required. A heat recovery program in conjunction with Fortum, sees enough heat to warm 16,000 homes per year being put back into the Fortum heating network, one of the first such systems in Stockholm.

The group will have the chance to see all systems in action on a site that is generally closed for public access.

When: 22 November kl 8.00-9.00, breakfast is served from kl 7.30
Where: ERICSSON ICT CENTRE, Metallvägen 65, Rosersberg, Stockholm

Everyone will need to aseemble at the gatehouse by 7.25am, as they will need to be signed in and escorted into the building. Ericsson are very strict here on visitor movements.

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Location: Rosersberg, Stockholm