IFMA – Press Release

IFMA – Press Release

IFMA growth continues with new chapters, council expansion & unification
New chapters approved in France and Croatia, Religious Facilities Council renamed to Nonprofit Facilities Council & Health Care Council restored to full council status

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA – (Jan. 10, 2019) – The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) continues to grow its global community while improving the scope and service to existing component groups. IFMA’s global board of directors approved petitions to form new chapters in France and Croatia. The Religious Facilities Council has been renamed the Nonprofit Facilities Council, expanding its constituency and services, and the Health Care Council — until recently, the Health Care Institute — has been restored to full council status.

Chapters and councils, along with communities, are focused networking groups within IFMA. Collectively called components, these groups allow members to connect based on geography (chapters), facility type or industry sector in which they practice (councils), or specialization within FM (communities).

“As IFMA continues to grow and unify the global FM community, the value to our members, partners and collaborators increases,” said Graham Tier, CFM, FMP, MRICS, chair of IFMA’s global board of directors. “I’m extremely proud of the hard work that has both expanded the localized support IFMA can offer into two new European countries, and also extended IFMA’s value to FM professionals who work in health care and nonprofit facilities. It’s an exciting time to be in FM as IFMA works to overcome fragmentation in our industry.”

New chapters: France and Croatia

Just months after the creation of an IFMA chapter in the United Kingdom, two more bids for chapters in France and Croatia were approved, bringing the total chapter count in Europe to 12. IFMA chapters offer local connections for FM professionals while at the same time contributing regional perspectives to the global FM community.

Continuing to build on collaborative relationships in Europe, IFMA is joining its alliance partner Facility Management Netherlands in hosting the World Workplace Europe Meets Facility for Future Conference and Expo, 20-22 March 2019 at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam.

IFMA utökar med fler Chapters
IFMA fortsätter att bygga vidare på samarbetsrelationer i Europa, och ingår i sin allianspartner Facility Management Netherlands som är värd för konferensen och utställningen World Workplace Europe Meets Facility For Future, den 20-22 mars 2019 på Kromhouthal i Amsterdam.

Renamed: Nonprofit Facilities Council

With a new name to reflect the reality of its constituency, the Nonprofit Facilities Council — previously the Religious Facilities Council — is expanding the types of FM professionals and organizations it serves. The name change recognizes the audience the council has served for years, including FMs managing buildings for faith-based as well as secular charitable and community institutions, and exemplifies the ongoing amplification of IFMA’s brand awareness.

Restored: Health Care Council

After an experimental period as a unique entity in the IFMA component taxonomy, the former Health Care Institute has been fully restored to council status as the Health Care Council. IFMA members who were a part of the institute will experience uninterrupted service and will benefit from a refreshed brand while returning to a more unified identity.

“IFMA’s Health Care Council offers FM professionals serving in the medical community the industry-specific insights they need to excel in a highly technical field,” said IFMA board member and Vice President of Global FM for Johnson & Johnson Bev Farrington. “What makes IFMA’s support of health care FMs uniquely valuable is the context in which that support is seated. Not only is the HCC a global network able to harvest best practices wherever they emerge, but it’s also a part of a larger FM community that brings in expertise from related fields. You simply can’t get that sort of support anywhere else.”

About IFMA

IFMA is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals, supporting 24,000 members in more than 100 countries. This diverse membership participates in focused component groups equipped to address their unique situations by region (138 chapters), industry (16 councils) and areas of interest (six communities). Together they manage more than 78 billion square feet of property and annually purchase more than US$526 billion in products and services. Formed in 1980, IFMA certifies professionals in facility management; conducts research; provides educational programs, content and resources; and produces World Workplace, the world’s largest series of facility management conferences and expositions. To join and follow IFMA’s social media outlets online, visit the association’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr pages. For more information, visit the IFMA press room or