This fall meet newly elected MEPs and cabinets of new Commissioners

This fall meet newly elected MEPs and cabinets of new Commissioners

European unionWhy 2019 EU elections create opportunities for IFMA Europe’s chapters

This fall meet newly elected MEPs and cabinets of new Commissioners

Last May 26, EU citizens elected their new European Parliament. These elections will decide how Europe will act in the coming years to address concerns about jobs, business, security, migration, infrastructure, mobility and climate heating. Important topics for any FM professional.

3 key take-outs for facility management business

  1. Mainstream parties lose their majority for the first time. They will need to seek support from the strengthened Liberals & Greens to find a stable majority.
  2. Green wave was the big surprise. Green MEPs look set to have a big influence on future policies such as climate action, social policy, mobility and infrastructure.
  3. Over 60% new MEPs: over 470 new MEPs means work pace will slow down and legislation will take more time to approve.

Europe moving towards a greener legislation
The European Parliament features 69 Green MEPs. They will increase their influence on policy in both the Parliament and Commission. As a result, mainstream parties will also be more ambitious on environmental and ecological topics. This could have an impact on new construction regulations.

Opportunities for your IFMA chapter
New decision-makers are coming to Brussels and Strasbourg. How to make the most of it? Your chapter should:

– connect with newly elected MEPs
– identify your FM champions
– share the Manifesto with key associations within the EU construction business and EU decision-makers
– reinforce your relations with national politicians to strengthen our connection with the renewed European Parliament
– connect with European Commission officials in November-December
– invite policy makers to World Workplace Europe next March 20 in Amsterdam
– affirm our engagement to contribute to the EPBD, e.g. Smart Readiness Indicator.