European benchmarking survey on Operations & Maintenance

European benchmarking survey on Operations & Maintenance

Help IFMA’s RBI set the FM industry standards by contributing your expertise in their Europe Operations and Maintenance Benchmarking survey. Your responses will make a significant impact for FM. 

Any facility managers, staff, and industry partners that support O&M in Europe are invited to participate. It can take about an hour to complete, but you do not have to complete it all at once. Your progress will be saved, but it is important that you use the same computer and do not clear your cache in order to pick up where you left off. All responses are confidential. 

The benefits of participation include:

1.       Access to the latest data on Operations and Maintenance costs by facility use and sector,

2.       Maintenance staffing size benchmarks (FTEs), and

3.       Ability to compare total facility costs (maintenance, concierge/housekeeping, and utilities) with your peers.

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