Henrik Larsson-Broman

Henrik Larsson-Broman

Supertrends – how to turn changes into opportunities

Never before the changes around us has been more challenging. Politically. Socially. Economically. And not least, technologically. Everything seems to go faster and become increasingly messy and we humans find it hard to keep up. In this lecture, Henrik Larsson-Broman, gives us guidance in this chaotic environment and helps us to turn changes into opportunities:

• What is a trend and how does a trend emerge?
• Why is trendspotting a valid tool for future success?
• How can trends such as Happynomics and Karma Capitalism helps us to make better future investments?

Henrik Larsson-Broman is a trendspotter, researcher, author and founder of ProSales Institute, a leading Sales Excellence research company. With over 1000 lectures, Henrik Larsson Broman is one of Sweden’s most engaging speakers in strategies and trends for increased growth, sales and marketing.