Maral Babapour & Ronnie Spångberg

Maral Babapour & Ronnie Spångberg

ABW conversation “One size does not fit all. Why some Activity-based Offices work while others do not”

Meet Maral who is User Researcher with Ph.D. in Human-Technology-Design and Ronnie who is an PL Science Cloud, Lab4Life Workplace Strategy Expert. Positive outcomes can be achieved provided that (a) workspaces, products, usage rules are well-designed and (b) employees are involved in the process of designing and improving the office solution. Employees’ experience of working in new office solutions change over time and is influenced by the organisational processes for Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Ronnie Spångberg, Strategic workplace expert at AstraZeneca Gothenburg
Designing offices and ways of working for 18 years and have seen and tried almost every possible model out there. Last 5 years has been focusing on exploring the ABW-concept as one tool for AstraZeneca to reach the company goals. Been designing ABW- workplace and leading people through change for more than 1800 colleagues in AstraZeneca, we are on a journey.

Maral Babapour forskar kring adoption av innovationer i kontorsmiljöer och hur de påverkar individernas verksamheter. För tillfället undersöker Maral hur aktivitetsbaserade kontor (icke-territoriala arbetsplatser och öppen planlösning) kan stödja och/eller hindra individer och grupper deras i verksamheter. Hon studerar bland annat samspelet mellan individer, teknik och kontorsmiljöer. Mer specifikt har hon studerat implementering, design, och adoption av ABW, samt arbetsmiljöarbetet som krävs efter förändringen.