Circular Facility Management and 5 innovations defining the future

Circular Facility Management and 5 innovations defining the future

Welcome to join us at this online event with Yvette Watson!

Yvette Watson is co-founder of PHI Factory and helps organizations accelerate towards a circular economy. With drive and passion, she stimulates the awareness that the facilities sector has a great impact on the sustainability performance of organizations. Yvette advises organizations in forming a strong strategy or with developing innovative sustainable and circular concepts. She regularly gives inspiration sessions to familiarize organizations with the opportunities of circular economy. In addition, she actively participates in programs that accelerate sustainability, such as the Green Deal Circular Buildings, the Delta Plan Sustainable Renovation of the DGBC and FMN Expert Group Circular and Inclusive Economy.

Increasingly, companies are being asked to be more transparent and accountable when it comes to the environment, society and the wellbeing of their employees. In most of the times the facility manager is asked to take a leading role in the transition towards a circular economy.

After all, it is their daily job to make buildings and the working environment more sustainable, use them more effectively and reduce waste. In FM, we are actively looking for ways to decrease the environmental impact of our organizations and collect reliable non-financial data to meet this challenge. Yvette Watson will show us which steps we have to take towards a circular economy and elaborate on how Technical innovation and digital solutions will help us to accelerate.


Date: On March 16
Time: At 08.05-08.50
Where: Online via Teams