Spacewell-Postcovid and how this will impact our workspace

Spacewell-Postcovid and how this will impact our workspace

By now, virtually no aspect of the real estate market has been left untouched by the COVID-19 crisis.

A recent CFO survey by PwC found that over three-quarters of companies are planning to make changes to workplace safety and nearly two-thirds expect to reconfigure worksites to enable social distancing. Nearly one-fifth anticipate deploying location

At Spacewell, it is in our DNA to strive towards great buildings that enrich people’s lives and to focus on clients, delivering innovative solutions to manage and operate buildings.

So as soon as the first signs of the pandemic became clear, Spacewell started to draft a new software roadmap considering the new challenges companies face on short and long term. This includes keeping track of occupancy and indoor climate, dynamically assist staff members, alert when rules are not being followed in the workplace, and use space utilization data for smart cleaning. In times of uncertainty, make intelligent, data-driven decisions to create a safe and healthy office environment.

As we are implementing these in projects we want to share the first learnings and insights on how digitization can help companies to react quickly in time of crisis. Learn first hand about what measures are being deployed at our customers worldwide.

During the webinar we will highlight how to transition back to the office and restore their sense of comfort and safety from the perspective of occupants, managers, and service providers.


Datum: 5 juni 2020
Tid: 08.30-09.30
Vart: Online, via Teams