Nordic Workplace Preconference

Nordic Workplace Preconference


Pre conference med Human Centric Workplaces | Tid: 30 november kl 10:00-16:30

IFMA och WE tillsammans med Saint-Gobain Ecophon och GoToWork är glada och stolta över att kunna presentera denna spännande internationella förkonferens till Nordic Workplace.

Vi kommer att få lyssna på internationellt välkända och erkända talare inom kontorsområdet med presentationer i framkant kring allt från personlighet, psyko-akustik, ”healing offices”, stress, och kreativitet till hur man bäst leder på distans. Presentationerna sker på engelska.

Konferensen äger rum dagen innan årets Nordic Workplace och naturligtvis har vi tagit fram ett bra paketerbjudande så att du kan kombinera båda dagarna. Båda eventen äger rum på Marriott Courtyard, på Lindhagen i Stockholm

Till Human Centric Workplaces-konferensen har vi begränsat antal platser så säkerställ din plats redan nu.

Förkonferens 30/11     1495 kr    IFMA medlemspris 1295 kr
NWP Konferens 1/12  6450 kr   IFMA medlemspris 3450 kr
NWP & Förkonferens 7500 kr   IFMA medlemspris 4500 kr

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    Human Centric workplaces – Brought to You by IFMA, Ecophon, WE, GoToWork

    Welcome to join us to this international seminar were we share knowledge with focus on humans in the new world of working.

    Where: Marriott Courtyard, Stockholm, Sweden

    When: 30th of November

    10.00 Welcome and introduction

    10.10-10.50 Dr. Nigel Oseland, Workplace Unlimited, UK: Planning for psychoacoustics

    Resolving noise distraction in the workplace, based on a psychoacoustic, people-centered approach, focusing on perception, attitudes, mood, personality and behavior. Nigel will share his ideas on resolving noise issues by considering psychoacoustics and helping change behavior and attitude.

    10.50-11.30 Anicee Bauer, Design Researcher at D/DOCK, NL Healing Offices and D/Science

    Healing Offices concept; a design philosophy that emphasizes on the needs and lifestyle of the employee to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism. Anicee will share D/Docks findings.

    11.30-12.10 Yvette Tietema, Ecophon NL: Productive working environment for brain workers

    Modern offices are often designed and build with saving costs or esthetics in mind. The employees and activities are often forgotten. During this presentation Yvette will focus on what brain workers need to perform to the best of their abilities and how we can support this by creating an optimal working environment. Special intention goes out to acoustical privacy and strategies to create the optimum acoustic environment.

    12.10 LUNCH

    13.10-13.50 Karl Ryberg, Monocrom, Light for Intelligent People

    Our eyes are designed for outdoor living. We are highly dependent on the right balance in light and colour in the work environment. This influence goes beyond mere aesthetics as the brain literally feeds on light. It uses photons as optical software to control its body rhythms. Light provides body cells with vital information and activates our entire biology. The biological effects of light are often neglected in planning but Karl will show how visual and acoustic ergonomics go hand in hand. Quality light is a necessity for advanced communication and extraordinary personal achievements.

    13.50-14.30 Laura Hambley, Ph.D., R. Psych, Workevohlution, CAN: Leading Distributed Teams

    Laura addresses the critical role of strong leadership and team dynamics in distributed or mobile workplaces. The focus of this session includes understanding the key leadership capabilities needed to manage mobile workers, and a model for building high performing distributed teams. Work EvOHlution’s solutions are based on over 14 years of research in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, setting Laura and her team apart as world experts on the human dynamics in distributed work.

    14.30-14.50 Coffee break

    14.50-15.30 Eelco Voogd, WPA; Human centered work environments based on Workpersonas

    What if you could create important ‘beacons’ throughout your workplace optimization process? Between designing for something as abstract as organizations or the complexity of an individual there are workpersonas. Based on the user centered design principles of design guru Alan Cooper we have derived the process of workpersonas. These archetypal employees embody all the important characteristics of a group to understand as a professional how they want to achieve their goals. This gives workplace design and management a more human centered focus enabling better work environments.

    15.30 Tania Barney, Sensory Intelligence™ Consulting, Sensory Processing in Workplace design

    We know that office design is not a ‘one size fits all’, with individuals having their own preference as to optimal working environments.  Why do some individuals thrive in a busy, buzzing open plan office while others struggle with this, affecting both their productivity and wellbeing? Tania will share a unique perspective on this situation – sensory processing.  She will explain how an understanding of the sensory profile helps to account for these individual preferences, and how this knowledge can be used to help design spaces for optimal performance and wellbeing.

    16.00-16.30 Panel Discussions

    Moderator of the day will be:

    Karin Ståhl, GoToWork

    Frans Davidsson, Saint Gobain Ecophon

    Hope to see you there with an interactive and sharing mindset!


    Dr Nigel Oseland

    dr-nigel-oselandNigel is a workplace strategist, change manager, environmental psychologist and author with 10 years research and 15 years consulting experience. Nigel specialises in strategic briefing and alternative working; he creates workplaces that improve collaboration, enhance creativity, respond to new organisational structures, and deliver maximum value.

    Through his career at DEGW, AMA Alexi Marmot Associates, Swanke Hayden Connell Architects and Johnson Controls, Nigel has worked with many corporate and public sector organisations developing their workplace strategies, standards and processes.

    Nigel presents regularly at international conferences and organizes the annual Workplace Trends conference. He authored Improving Office Productivity: A Practical Guide for Facilities and Business Managers, he was the lead author of the BCO Guide to Post-Occupancy Evaluation, and more recently he co-authored the BCO report on Making Flexible Working Work.

    Anicee Bauer

    anicee-bauer_-photo-jpegAnicee Bauer got her Master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and initially worked as a neuropsychologist in different healthcare facilities as well as a lecturer of Applied Psychology at various Universities. As a Design Researcher and Environmental Psychologist she is currently working at Design Studio D/DOCK, where she has build up the research department D/Science. Certified in evidence-based design and having followed some years of training as an interior designer, she pleads for an improved way of designing environments by using scientific literature and conducting systematic assessment prior to the design process. In this context she has developed an evaluation method to objectively determine the quality of work environments and measure their effects on the physical health, happiness, feeling of comfort and social relatedness of employees.

    D/DOCK collaborated with national and international respected clients such as Google, Philips, Starwood, NH Hotels, Sonos and ABN Amro, operating in countries as Austria, Germany, China, Taiwan, and the island of Aruba. D/DOCK recently launched their Healing Offices concept; a design philosophy that emphasizes on the needs and lifestyle of the employee to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism.

    Yvette Tietema

    yvette-tietemaHolds a degree in Facility Management from the HAN University of Applied Sciences were she graduated on the subject of Workplace Innovation. After this she worked as a FM workplace consultant at various large organizations in the Netherlands.

    She is specialized in optimizing the workplace experience of employees in their work environment by working with senses and psychology and particular acoustics in offices. She is working as a Concept Developer at Saint-Gobain Ecophon since 2013.

    Yvette works with gathering information and collaborates with several well-known international research institutes, visit (inter)national seminars and also shares knowledge with specialists within the field of workplace strategy and acoustics to bring acoustics in offices to the next level and contribute to make people happier and more productive.

    Colin Stuart

    colin-stuartColin is a workplace consultant, specializing in workplace and occupational strategy and has been delivering award winning corporate environments for the last 20 years. He has an intrinsic knowledge of the drivers of corporate clients both in the public and private sector and how property can respond to those drivers in order to deliver maximum benefit to the business.

    A contributory author to two major publications on the workplace and project management, he has recently lectured at seminars and conferences on related subjects including public sector workplace transformation, the use of pre and post occupancy evaluation techniques to underpin business transformation and the need for the workplace to drive business innovation.  Colin is particularly skilled in the management of the complex stakeholder relationships required to deliver organizational and workplace transformation projects.

    Laura Hambley

    laura-hambleyLaura is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Entrepreneur and Author who is passionate about making workplaces better and increasing peoples’ career fulfillment. Her specialties are leadership, team and career development, and creating high performing distributed or mobile workplaces.

    Laura is a serial entrepreneur and experienced Industrial / Organizational Psychology Consultant. Registered Psychologist with a solid basis of expertise in Career and Leadership and Development Psychology. She is a skilled team builder and leader who are passionate about developing effective, collaborative teams.

    Co-Founder and President of Work EvOHlution, which specializes in building high performing leaders and teams in distributed / flexible / mobile workplaces. Expert in assessing distributed workers, leaders and teams to build awareness and increase their performance and engagement.

    Eelco Voogd

    eelco-voogdEelco Voogd is co-founder and chief happy customers of WPA Analytics. With a university degree in marketing and management he has always been interested in desires and experiences of people towards products and services. With a 20 year track record in consulting on using design and improved business processes, he is a great advocate for end-to-end user experiences and Robin Hoods bad decision-making in workplace design with his organization WPA Analytics.

    This is achieved by generating detailed user DNA, revealing characteristics about work, relations and culture. Working with clients ranging from Corporates to Research centers and municipalities to ministries in Europe, WPA provides deeper understanding of the workforce before taking decisions with regard to human capital or their workplaces.

    Tania Barney

    tania-barneyTania Barney is a registered Occupational Therapist, with over 25 year’s clinical experience, spanning a range of work environments. She is a specialist in Sensory Intelligence (how the brain processes sensory information) and its application to the workplace. She is particularly interested in how this primal brain system can be used to improve productivity, performance and staff wellbeing.

    Tania is the Director of the UK Branch of Sensory Intelligence Consulting, who provide sensory profiling, training and consultancy services with a focus on simple, effective, practical strategies, which are grounded in Neuroscience.


    Karin Ståhl

    karin-stahlKarin is co-founder of GoToWork and Global Ambassador Scandinavia of WE where she is striving to, Stimulate workplace innovation, Empower people to create, lead, and implement workplace transformation and to Influence the evolution of the workplace through research and reaching outside our industry.

    Evolutionaries are people who help make change happen—people who lead systems, companies, industries, communities and nations through transformative change. You often find Evolutionaries hidden inside organizations, they’re opinion leaders who make things happen even though their role may be on the periphery. But there are times when they need to be empowered and more central. Because of a sea change in the workplace, WE believe that time is now.

    Frans Davidsson

    frans-davidssonA Civil Engineer with an interdisciplinary approach for creating Sustainable working environments in Offices with focus on acoustics. Focus on people and how they fulfill their full potential in their working environment- where the acoustic condition is crucial for success.

    Frans, who works for Saint-Gobain since 9 years, support and steer national / global initiatives, coach and enthuse his team of international concept developer to take the acoustic message worldwide. Frans drive change in development and communication projects towards both internal and external partners such as Green Building Councils, Stress Research Institutes, IFMA.





    Location: Marriott Courtyard, Rålamshovsleden 50 Stockholm