IFMA & WE nätverksträff – Well-being & the working environment

IFMA & WE nätverksträff – Well-being & the working environment

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IFMA och WE bjuder in till nätverksträff

An interactive session about creating working environments that promote health and well-being.

The psychical environment can have a large impact on our well-being, especially as we spend most time of the day inside a building. Well-being in the working environment is not only about avoiding a bad influence of buildings on well-being. It is also about creating environments that have a positive effect and thus promote health and well-being. For instance, workers in office environments with natural elements, such as greenery and sunlight, report a 15% higher level of well-being and are 6% more productive.
The aim of this session is to inspire and to share knowledge. The first part of the session will provide insight into well-being in the working environment; what is it and why is it relevant? The second part is an interactive session in which we will discuss how you can create environments that contribute to the well-being in your building. We focus on different aspects of the working environment (e.g. privacy, noise) and use examples from practices in both Sweden and the Netherlands.

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ABOUT EVELIEN PLIJTER. Evelien is a workplace consultant and strategist from the Netherlands. She recently moved to Stockholm and will use her experience from projects in the Netherlands to create working environments in Sweden that promote health and wellbeing. She aims at creating environments that support both the organization and the individual user. Evelien holds degrees in Facilities Management and Real Estate Management. She is inspired by environmental psychology, salutogenic design and the nature around us.


När: 18 oktober kl 8.00-9.00, frukost serveras från kl 7.30
Var: Flokk, Rosenlundsgatan 40 Monopolet, Stockholm

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