1. Personal data that can be processed
IFMA Sweden can process the following personal data that were obtained in the course of the execution of its business activities. These personal data are obtained from the data subject or his representative, either directly or via the completion of a contact form on the website, or via publicly accessible sources, and may concern:
– First and last name:
– Address:
– Telephone number: – E-mail address:
– Enterprise Bank account number:
– Enterprise number:
– VAT number:
– IP address:
2. Purpose of the processing
IFMA Sweden must process these personal data with a view to the achievement of its company purpose:
To contribute, without a view to making a profit, to the exchange of ideas between parties involved in Facility Management and any other interested party and the dissemination of information about the facility management and its related activities, notably, by holding conferences and organizing seminars, publishing brochures/newsletters, writing and disseminating (comparative) studies of a scientific or technical nature, and promoting works dealing with the problems and achievements of facility management.
The personal data are necessary for the performance of the agreements concluded by the IFMA Sweden with its members and for conducting a proper administration and a correct member management (including for purposes of communication). Personal data of employees (white-collar workers and/or self-employed individuals) that are processed within the framework of their collaboration which are necessary for compliance with the social security and tax-law obligations of IFMA Sweden.
3. Retention period
The personal data that IFMA Sweden possesses shall, unless there are other statutory obligations to the contrary, be kept no longer than necessary for achieving the purpose for which they were gathered. The processed personal data of the members will be kept for no longer than 12 months after termination of their membership.
4. Confidentiality
The personal data that IFMA Sweden possesses shall not, except with the data subject´s consent, be disclosed to third parties, unless this is necessary for the performance of the agreement concluded with its members and/or employees, or in order to comply with a statutory obligation.
5. Analysis of the website visit
IFMA Sweden records via the use of its website general visit data, including the IP address of your computer. These data are analysed solely for the purpose of improving our communication and services. These data are anonymised as much as possible and are under no circumstances provided to third parties.
6. Google Analytics
IFMA Sweden calls upon the services of Google Analytics exclusively in order to determine the ranking and the use of its website.
You can find the privacy policy of Google Analytics at the following link:
Google Analytics can provide this information to third parties in so far as these third parties process the information by order of Google Analytics or if the latter is legally obliged to do so.
7. Cookies
In order to facilitate visits to its website, IFMA Sweden makes use of “cookies”. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the browser of your computer and which help us to map out the website visit and to improve the content thereof. Cookies themselves do not disclose any personal information. You can always refuse the use of cookies.
8. Rights of the data subject
Each data subject has the right to inspect the personal data about him/her that were processed by IFMA Sweden to request a copy thereof, to have them corrected or deleted. Such a request must be addressed to IFMA Sweden, after which an appropriate response will be provided within one month.
9. Security
IFMA Sweden shall deal responsibly with the personal data that it processes and has taken the appropriate initiatives with a view to protecting its data against loss, theft or any other wrongful use thereof.
If you have additional questions about the processing of your personal data by IFMA

Sweden, you can contact:
IFMA Sweden
Establishment address: Box 190, 101 23 Stockholm
Tel.: 0046 70 262 23 66 E-mail: